Penguicon 6.0

Throwing a Room Party

Updated: 13 November, 2023 @ 12:58pm

Penguicon would like to see room parties. Lots and lots of room parties! HUGE room parties!! And we're going to help try to make your room party a success. For every group that registers their room party ahead of time with the convention, we can make the following things available:

  • A spiffy mention of your room party in our Program Book, including a description of your group. (A great help for WorldCon bid parties!)
  • Advance announcement of your room party on the Penguicon web site.
  • A link to your group's web site (if you have one) published on the Penguicon website "Links" page.
  • A mention of your room party on the hotel's information channel.
  • Help with room placement in the hotel, to insure you don't wind up in the "out of the way" location. (Unless, that is, you WANT that out of the way location.)

How could you possibly pass this up? But wait - there's MORE! You will also receive one coupon for broadband hotel room internet access per night that you have a party. Please e-mail all questions and any requests to register a room party to our room party coordinator.

group room # Night(s) Blurb
SPARK 357 Sat The entrepreneur incubator Ann Arbor SPARK throws their first room party at Penguicon. Dr. Ron blends electronic beats from downtempo to tribal house with midi controlled visual projection that includes a live camera feed to create a totally immersive experience.
ConClave 367 Fri/Sat ConClave and ConZilla LOVE parties!! Come to ours and enjoy one of the best parties and one of the nicest food spreads around! You can also get your ConClave membership at a special rate, only at our party. So come and join us! We'll see you there!
Starfleet Region 13 369 Sat Come and join Starfleet's Region 13 for snacks and drinks. Did we mention we like bananas? We are also fishing for new friends and maybe recruits. You can visit us on the web at
Invader Zim 370 Fri Join fellow Invader Zim enthusiasts as we partake in Gir's homemade waffles (with no soap and nuts in 'em, we promise), the Almighty Tallests' favorite short beverages, and some games that even Zim couldn't screw up. Come see us in Room 370 Friday night.
Guitar Hero II 372 Sat Are you ready to rock with the best of us? Come and let us know if YOU ROCK!
Ubuntu LoCo ("Local Community") 374 Fri Come check out the newest version of Ubuntu Linux, watch a movie, or just chat it up with some certified 'buntu geeks! Swag available while it lasts!
IGDA Summit 374 Sat Want to see whats new and exciting in the game development world? Come and party with the members of the International Game Developers Association! Where else are you going to find out whats hot in the world of game dev?
Ohio Linuxfest 375 Fri/Sat Come party like a rockstar penguin with the Ohio LinuxFest crew.
Elven Toast 376/377 Sat 9pm-10pm Come one and all, and join us in the 'Elven Toast' on Saturday night at 9pm. Come and Toast a few of your favorite things. You must bring your own drink, and it does not have to be alcoholic. You must be 18 to join in. And bring enough to last through the entire Toast. See you there.
Your Elven Toast Hosts, Bill and Scott
ConVersation 378 Sat ConVersation 2008 Room Party will be held in room 378 Saturday night from 8pm to whenever we decide to close up. Come join us for food, beverage, good company and of course, good ConVersation. Register for ConVersation 2008 and get a special pre-reg rate of $25!
GLLUG 379 Fri/Sat Excellent beer with excellent people from the Greater Lansing Linux User's Group.
General Technics 380 Fri/Sat A room for Techies to hang out and geek about programming, coffee, dessert, or whatever we can find for Show and Tell.
ConFusion 381 Fri/Sat Cryptic ConFusion presents: ClubFusion! Come hang out, try your hand at our Penguicon puzzles, and discover nifty foodstuffs.