Penguicon 6.0


Updated: 13 November, 2023 @ 09:51am

Dealers' Room

Penguicon loves our dealers. We are actively seeking a wide range of dealers, so no matter what you're selling, whether it be books, collectibles, electronics, computer equipment, media items, T-shirts, or positronic brain tune-up kits, we'd like to see you at Penguicon.

Since dealer space is limited, the room will be juried to give everyone the best quality shopping experience. Penguicon's dealer room coordinator will handle all communications. Please contact the dealer room coordinator on our contact form with all questions and requests for tables.

All Penguicon dealers' tables are six feet long. Every dealer will receive one convention membership with the rental of their first table.

There will be a limit of three tables per dealer. Rates are as follows, with all amounts in U.S. dollars:

Table Rates
1st table$60
1 membership is included with 1st table
Additional memberships$35

Contact: Angie Fox