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Updated: 13 November, 2023 @ 09:51am

Program Book Advertising

Penguicon publishes a Program Book, which is given out to every attendee. Advertising space is available in this Program Book. This year, we are estimating that we will have 800 attendees, all of which will see your ad. Advertising rates are as follows, with all amounts in U.S. dollars:

Ad_Size_(w x h)
Full Page
6" x 7.5"
Half Page
6" x 3.5"
Quarter Page
2.75" x 3.5"
Inside Front Cover
6" x 7.5"
Back Cover
6" x 7.5"
Inside Back Cover
6" x 7.5"

Each page of the Program Book will be 7" wide by 8.5" high, printed in offset gray scale. Half pages can be split horizontally or vertically at your request. Let us know if you need to submit advertisements on camera-ready paper in the correct size, but electronic format (JPG, GIF, TIFF, or PDF) is preferred. If you are interested in making use of any of the cover pages, please contact us for availability before submitting your ad. Although we request that you place your insertion order by Thursday, March 15, ads that are confirmed and paid by that time will be accepted as late as Friday, March 30. Your insertion order will be a confirmation of what size of ad you wish to place, and whether you need the back or inside covers. Please send all requests and queries about program book advertising to the program book editor.