Penguicon 6.0

Soon this will be a site for Penguicon 7.0! May 1 through 3, 2009, at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Romulus, Michigan. Guests of honor include Wil Wheaton, Jane McGonigal, and Spider Robinson. Hack of Honor is Candyfab. Nifty guests include John "maddog" Hall, Steve Eley, and Catherine Devlin.

To those of you familiar with the Linux and Free/Open Source community

Think of a weekend long Linux Users Group meeting with hundreds of other geeks, which also just happens to have nationally acclaimed guests, a LAN party, its own wireless network, hotel room parties, lots of folks talking about Science Fiction and Fantasy, a place to buy cool t-shirts and buttons and such, amateur singing, anime, a costume contest, and free caffeine and snacks always available.
To those of you familiar with Science Fiction conventions

Imagine all the convention features you know and love, with the addition of wireless internet access, computer game tournaments, people who know about online publishing / books on demand / digital art, a programming track involving computing topics and another one focusing on the crossover between Science Fiction and computing. Imagine seeing your favorite creative visionaries meet the innovators who are creating the future you read about in SF.

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Tech Guest of Honor: Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager for Canonical
Tech Guest of Honor: Benjamin Mako Hill - Debian/GNU, MIT Media Lab, Free Software Foundation, Ubuntu, Wikimedia
Author Guest of Honor: Vernor Vinge, Multiple Hugo winning science fiction author, computing visionary
Author Guest of Honor: Tamora Pierce, fantasy author, co-founder of Sheroes Central
Webcomics Guest of Honor: Randall Munroe of xkcd
Gaming Guest of Honor: Keith Baker, creator of Ebberon world for Dungeons and Dragons
Hack of Honor: The Giant Singing Tesla Coils

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